First Things First

First Things First



Before anyone can be in a relationship, they have to be single. In the beginning, God made Adam before He created Eve. There was a time when Adam was alone. Singleness is God’s intent for each of us. When we consider singleness in this light, we discover a treasure of wisdom.


First and foremost, being single presents a time to prepare for being in a relationship.  Remember that life is a voyage. Having time to get our bearings and adjust our worldview is vital. As a single person, we can make sure our compass is pointing true north to God’s vision for our lives. In other words, we allow God to adjust our worldview. Take the time as a single person to align with God. God can use our singleness to readjust and realign us.  


God uses our singleness to make sure we know our true identity. When we come to understand that He is our Savior, and we allow His reality to sink into every aspect of our character, we become anchored in Him. As a result, we no longer look to find our meaning or salvation in others. That’s a benefit to both ourselves and other people!  


Once we recognize that the big picture is in His hands, we can realize that being single gives each of us time to be still. When we’re still, we don’t force things. We don’t feel pressure to find the next human relationship. We don’t force things to happen. We have the freedom to be still and allow God to do it His way.  


By putting all of this in His hands and genuinely trusting Him, we unleash all kinds of opportunities for ourselves. We can reflect on our lives and find places that need healing or encouragement. We can turn to Jesus in these manners and deepen our relationship with Him. Once we reflect, we can purposefully look for a mission; a mission gives us a framework for our lives. Mission provides a "why" to our nature. It opens up a destination, vision, and purpose for living. Once we know where we are going, we can see if someone whom we are interested in is going to the same place.  


Once we’re able to discover others with the same mission, we realize that life isn’t just about getting married, having kids and buying a house. We recognize that God’s intention for us also includes building a legacy. A legacy includes making an impact that’s genuinely larger than ourselves. With the right partner and a God-given destination, it isn’t just about someone who is with me; it’s about someone who is for me. When Adam prophesies over Eve that she was “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh,” he meant that his strength would cover her weakness and that her strength would cover his.


And that’s God’s purpose. Put Him first in all things, and the rest has a way of working out.