Fear(less): Current Events

Fear(less): Current Events


Wars. Mass shootings. Corrupt leaders. Famines.  


We live in a time where it seems like it could not get any worse. Systems are broken, Christians are being intensely persecuted and martyred, nations are at odds with each other; threats of death and mass destruction are spoken.


But none of this is new, and history has just been repeating itself. The majority of the Bible was written in extremely troubled time periods! Nero threw Christians to the lions for entertainment, held their heads on spikes…evil has been present in our world even in what is now referred to as “the good old days.” People are spiritually bankrupt, and we are thick in the middle of spiritual warfare, but evil will never win out.


Until Jesus comes again and restores us and the world to His original plan for humanity, we push, we pray and we take heart! Because we know He has overcome the world (John 16:33) and we believe death is not the end of our story, but the beginning of the rest of an eternity with Jesus. Try to think of anything better than that! We get stuck and overwhelmed by the world when we start to lose our focus on God, and make everything about us and only what we can see in the natural. But, it is not about you, it is not about me, and this is not it. We serve a God that invites us on a much larger adventure than the one we have mapped out for ourselves. When pain meets us, when we are staring evil in the face, and we can still focus on His much bigger story, He can take the pain and the evil and use it for His glory even still! He already has. God was on the throne reigning sovereign when Jesus was sent to be crucified-the greatest of all evils there ever has been-and He’s still on the throne holding all of our pain and ready to turn all of the evil around for good.


His way offers peace in the middle of chaos, unafraid living, and a life where fears slide away the longer we elevate Him.  


While we are here, while we are the salty and light filled subculture permeating the mainstream, we have a mission and a charge: do not be afraid, but be on the move! Jesus tells us to not be afraid 365 times in the entire Bible. Coincidence? No way! He is serious about reminding us He has our backs; listen to Him. Pray, and be calm.


We pray to keep an eternal perspective.

We pray to get God’s heart.

We pray knowing God might not change every situation, but He will change us to deal with every situation.

We pray so we won’t get cold towards others, cynical about the world, and numb to what’s happening around us.


We keep 2nd Timothy 1:7 at the forefront of our memory, declaring it over ourselves! I have not been given a spirit of timidity, but one of love, power, and a sound mind.


And we keep CALM! We Celebrate God’s goodness, we Ask God for help, we Leave our concerns with Him, and we Meditate on good things.