Dont Do Life Alone

Crew season is right around the corner at our church. Here at New Life South Coast, we love crews! Crews are simply small groups of people who get together every week to talk, eat, hang out, grow, encourage, and celebrate each other. God didn’t create us to do life alone, and it’s His desire for us to build deep, godly friendships within the church.

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."
Proverbs 27:17

We grow better together and we were designed for community. When we look at the early church, we see small groups of people doing life and following Jesus together. God himself is in a community of 3, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who exists as one in perfect unity. And when Jesus started His ministry, He chose 12 disciples to be his primary community, therefore forming the first "crew."

So, why do we have crews and why are they so important?

1. You go from being a face in the crowd to a person known and loved in a community. It’s easy to slip in and out of church unnoticed if you’re not part of a smaller community of people who will check in with you, walk with you, and push you to reach your full potential.

2. You belong and we care. It’s in a crew that we can look out for each other and support one another. Being in a crew means you’ll never have to walk alone.

3. Put down roots and grow. You develop friendships with people that will push you out of your comfort zone in order to help you grow. When you’re surrounded by positive community, you begin to thrive in every area of your life.

4. Accountability. You need people around you that won’t let you settle, and will challenge your decisions or encourage you to make better ones.

We live in a society where there's a strong element of privacy that we desire for our lives. People tend to shrink back when it comes to sharing their thoughts, beliefs, struggles, and needs with others. But you won't find that anywhere in the Bible. God intended the church to be a community of people coming together in confidence with one another knowing that we can air our dreams, brokenness, successes and failures with each other and still be loved and accepted.

And let's be honest, being in community with others makes life more fun! This is why we have crews, so that we can go from just playing church to actually being the church to each other.

Join a crew, gain a family!