Pray & Fast

A Holy Disruption



“Disruptive Innovation” is called one of the most influential business ideas of the 21st century. Netflix went from mailing DVDs to streaming live video, Google is developing self-driving cars, and Amazon is experimenting with drones to deliver shopping. Disruptive companies are exploiting technologies to deliver new or existing products in radically different ways. Think of disruptive innovators as those that are continually breaking the mold of “business-as-usual.”


Disruptive innovation isn’t just a 21st-century business/marketplace idea. It’s an idea that is as ancient as history. We find disruption in every moment of prayer and fasting.


When we engage in prayer, we engage with the power of God’s grace. When we pray we reach with voice and heart upwards, and He responds to us bringing His kingdom to earth. Prayer, at i s purest and best, is merely us talking to God. However, our talking to God does not change a thing; it’s God’s answering that does that.  God’s answers are almost always game-changers that genuinely disrupt the status quo. If we need peace in chaos, He interrupts the turmoil and establishes peace. If we are lazy and wondering what to do, He forges a new vision in our soul and tells us to get moving. The vertical line between creation and creator is no more apparent than when we pray, and He answers.


Did you know that during your lifetime you'll eat approximately 35 tons of food? Other than breathing and sleeping, eating is the most normal thing we do. We breathe, eat, sleep, breathe, eat, sleep over and over and over. When we decide to alter our eating habits, whether to fast without eating anything or to fast by the radical limitation of our diet (like the Daniel fast) we are intentionally disrupting the norm of our lives. I believe that the disruption caused by fasting allows us to hear God's voice with more clarity. Which means that as we fast and pray, we create an exceptionally powerful way for God to speak into our lives.


So get on with it! Move beyond business-as-usual in 2018. Are you looking to hear from God? Pray and fast.