Praying for a Breakthrough

Have you ever been faced with circumstances that seemed daunting and hopeless? Or impossible situations that were beyond your power to solve? Without prayer and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we don’t stand a chance against some of the obstacles we face in life. There’s no way around the fact that prayer requires commitment and persistence, and we see a perfect example of this kind of prayer through the prophet, Daniel, as he interceded for his nation.

While studying the book of Jeremiah, Daniel learns that the children of Israel would remain in captivity in Babylon for 70 years. He responds to this prophecy by crying out to God in intercession for his people. The Bible says he earnestly pleaded with God to end the captivity and send them back to their own land. And through Daniel’s humility and selflessness, his prayers were answered.

We should look at Daniel’s intercession as a model for our own appeals to God.

Let God speak first.

Daniel carefully studied the scriptures and then responded to what God already said. The key is to pray in alignment with God’s will revealed in His word, not according to our feelings or emotions. Our feelings can change from one moment to the next, but God’s word never changes.

Focus on God.

Scripture tells us Daniel prepared for intercession by giving his attention to the Lord (Daniel 9:3). When we passionately seek God with all we have, we can be confident we will find Him.

Express your desire with emotion.

Daniel came boldly with his request and laid out the specific purpose of his prayer. He expressed his desire for the Lord to answer by pouring out his heart and baring his soul to God (Daniel 9:4). Daniel didn’t just pray one prayer for breakthrough and hope God would answer; he pleaded with Him in prayer and fasting, and continued praying right up until the Lord answered.

Thank God for His promises.

Like Daniel, our prayers should always begin by acknowledging God’s sovereignty and faithfulness. Establish in your spirit that no matter what happens, God is faithful.

Humbly confess.

Daniel came to God in complete humility, wearing sackcloth and ashes. He confessed the sin of his people and acknowledged it was because of their sin they found themselves in the situation they were in. God doesn’t need to be made aware of our sin. He already knows, but He wants us to confess it. God doesn’t respond to prideful complaining or excuses for our sin.

While Daniel was still praying, the angel Gabriel brought the answer. There are so many lessons we can draw from Daniel’s example. We won’t experience breakthrough without prayer. But not just any kind of prayer - persistent, fervent, specific, unrelenting prayer. Our prayer life should hold the same weight as the breakthrough we’re believing for.

When we pray, we’re setting the entire supernatural realm into motion and God’s power is released into our circumstances. We don’t always see it in the natural right away, but we can be confident that God is behind the scenes shifting things in our favor. Do you need a breakthrough in any area of your life? Pray and keep praying until you see your breakthrough! Don’t relent. God is faithful to respond.