Crew Season: A Time To Experience

“Many people have grown up attending church and hearing about God all their lives, but they do not have a personal, dynamic, growing relationship with God. -Henry Blackaby

What has been your experience with God? Have you had an encounter with God yet? We can say we know who God is, quote scripture, know all the Bible stories, but still miss an actual experience. You could be a theologian or be the most dedicated church goer! But none of this means you have a thriving relationship with Him, or have had one of those moments where you know beyond and despite everything that God is who He says He is.

God is consistently surrounding us with ways in which we can encounter Him. Through nature, music, aha! moments, and even through other people He purposefully puts in our space. When we link arms with people on purpose and choose to do life with them, we are then open to encounter God even through their encounters with God! We can see how He is working in their lives, how He has shown up for others. And while we bear witness to how great and faithful He is to others, it rubs off on us and increases our own faith. We can celebrate with them, and be excited and expectant for God to do His God thing with us as well. 

As Crew Season approaches, our season for experience and encounters comes as well; when we join a crew we enter into a community. Being in community is part of God’s design for us; we are not meant to handle the unpredictability and the curveballs of the world on our own. He gifts us one another so we might grow deep rooted friendships to carry us through difficult times, celebrate with us when it’s time to throw a party, and live through the seemingly uneventful every day. Solid community plants a seed in which an encounter with God can grow. 

Choose community. Get outside of your normal schedule. Let yourself be disrupted, and ask God to reveal Himself to you through community.

Experience changes everything. It’s time for an experience.