Experiencing God | Q&A

There are over 7.5 billion people living in the world right now. 7.5 billion different personalities, thumbprints, beating hearts; 7.5 billion unique experiences. It is almost too great to imagine God creating completely separate and personal situations where we can each experience Him. Sometimes we experience together, sometimes individually, but always to reveal a deeper layer of who He is.

In Celtic Irish tradition, they’re called thin places, where the space between Heaven and earth is barely visible and the two worlds beautifully collide. Either way, it’s these moments, and these experiences leading us to become deeply in love with our very good God.

But how do we not let our experiences with God become stale?

If my marriage becomes kind of boring and we get stuck in a routine, we purposefully shake up our routine. We go out on a date, we shut the television off and talk, cell phones are left alone. We solely focus on one another! Solely focus on God. Shake things up and dive deeper past your normal routine with Him. Read a different book, block out a space where it’s just you and Him and no distractions. Make some tea, get outside and just sit and listen for Him.

How do we best go about sharing our experiences with others?

Be normal! You don’t have to really church up your language. Talk like a real person. People will not care about what we say until they know how much we care about them. So, build relationships with people. Once we build relationships, conversations will open and flow naturally making space where we can share our experiences.

How do we inspire our spouses, kids, or family members to experience God without becoming overbearing?

Lead by example. The radical love of Jesus is appealing enough. He certainly did not force Himself on us, so we don’t have to force anything either. Rather, He invites us to a wildly adventurous life. How we live our lives openly and freely in Jesus will create sparks and inspiration in our families.

How do we position ourselves for even more of God?

Clear your mind and make space in your heart for more of God. Put yourself in a position where you are ready and can take on the unique experience He has for you.

We are the sum total of all the things we’ve experienced.

So, what has been your experience? Tell us by commenting below to spark the conversation!