Go For The One

Imagine a mom with three young children in the middle of a busy store. She’s going through the aisles, picking out what her family needs when all of a sudden, she no longer has three children in tow. She only has two.

What does she do next?

Start calling out her lost child’s name hoping the sound of her voice gives the child a trail to follow? Retrace her steps? Think of where her child would most likely wander to and start the search there?


does she stay in one place, look to the left and the right, shrug her shoulders, and continue on with her shopping trip minus one child? She does still have two other children. Would it really be a big deal to go home without all of them?

Why is it so easy to be assured of a mother searching for her lost child until he’s found, but we cannot rest as confidently in our God relentlessly searching for us until we too are safe at home?

God doesn’t put restrictions on who He searches for, recklessly loves, and brings home to Him. He came for whosoever. The scum of the earth, the undesirables, the people you try to stay as far away from as possible, the rigidly religious.

It’s not difficult to get caught up in the roles and rules of religion. The Pharisees knew all of the rules, but religion is different from relationship and they totally missed the heart of God. They knew religion, but not Jesus. How amazing! He was right there! But how many times have we too dropped the mission because we were so focused on religion?

Experiencing God, and being impacted by His very reckless love compels us to action and to go for the one with the heart of Jesus in mind. The people put in our paths are not projects, but instead are people we get to build relationships with, letting the crazy love of God in our lives blindingly shine through.

God is for people. Are we for people just as much?