Whatever, Be Happy

A few months ago, I left my house to do my usual Target run. However, this time was a little bit different because I was driving in my newly purchased car. As I took it all in – the new car smell, Bluetooth connection, the sunroof – I couldn’t have been happier. In that moment, I started to reminisce about all the wonderful things I had in my life, and then I heard it-that ever so familiar voice-so quiet, yet so loud at the same time. As I raised the volume of the music in hopes to drown it out, I heard it again. “If you didn’t have all of these things (the car, the house, your marriage), would I still be God?”


What about you? If the thing you are waiting for never comes, if what you are praying for never happens, would God still be God? Will you still be able to rejoice in Him if you never get that job or that home? What if you never take that trip or your healing never comes?

Whatever happens, will you still be happy?

Happiness isn’t found in things that are temporary. Sometimes, we get what we want and we’re still not happy; we want more. And suddenly our rich and satisfying life, the life promised to us, isn’t so satisfying. We attach riches to possessions, and happiness to things that are fleeting.

Paul tells us, “whatever happens… rejoice in the Lord” (Philippians 3:1). True happiness and satisfaction comes from a genuine relationship with the Lord. In order to walk in this freedom, we need to have a higher perspective. Think BIGGER! Lift up your FAITH! There is more to life than just a good reputation and material possessions. In fact, these things make us lose focus.

So, let’s refocus!

Have new values. Stop holding onto things that you could lose. Learn to be content, and don’t forget about what really matters. “Everything is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord” (Philippians 3:8).

Have new vigor. Press on and forcefully advance. Keep your eyes on your race, and don’t let yourself become complacent. Happiness and laziness are not the same thing. Forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead (Philippians 3:13).

Have new vision. We are citizens of heaven. Don’t live for this world; fix your eyes on the next one, and do everything you can to redeem things here because it will echo in eternity. Wait eagerly for His return (Philippians 3:20).

I know sometimes life can be unpredictable, but what a perfect opportunity for faith. Stop letting fear rob you of eternal joy. Whatever happens, rejoice in the Lord!