Behind Enemy Lines

She said she was going to stop reading her Bible.
Whenever she was very consistent in reading, or setting time apart to pray, everything in her life started to go wrong. “I know it seems backwards, but when I just pray a bit here and there, things seem to go a lot smoother in my life.”

Of course it was backwards; it was also a total lie she had been cunningly fed. We’ll fall for anything and any lie when we haven’t grasped onto how much God loves us, and how much He’s for us. Ephesians 6 says we’re fighting in a war, but not one where we can see our enemies. This is a war of a dark world, against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen. Honestly, it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, except it doesn’t end in a few hours.

Because, if you are immersing yourself in God, you have become a threat to the enemy. Images of warriors play in my head; a swarm of holy avengers in the spirit ready to battle for ourselves, our families, our communities.

The enemy has tactics he uses against us in this great war, and like in any war, both sides study the other. Knowing his tactics and the sweet lies he will suggest to us will help us know his moves and fight back against them.

He will try to isolate us from one another, and cut down our lines of communication with God (ever wonder why it feels so hard to pray sometimes?). If we’re isolated and no longer in community with one another or God, we’ll easily start looking for a quick fix. Quick fixes might look easy, but never fix anything! Quick fixes are dead end streets. If he throws the tactic of busyness on us it gives us less time to take inventory of our lives, or take note of what’s really happening in and around us. Numbing us desensitizes us to sin and mediocrity. So, do entertainment, Netflix binges, and endless scrolling on our phones give us a quick break in our day, or is it being used to numb our minds?

Sweet lies the enemy loves to whisper to us?

No one understands you!

Well, nobody is perfect.


You really need some time for yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a few Sundays off. Nothing wrong with not serving either.

You deserve this.

You can take a load off. It’s just this one time.

He seems to really try to shout these lies to us when we’re tired, angry, stressed out, or sad. So, check your emotions, and be aware of a familiar voice with an unfamiliar spirit. 

The enemy might be working, but God is working too! Smarter, fiercer, and with eternity in mind. God has given us authority, so take it! Doubt your doubts. Never stop praying or being in community with God’s people. Suit up, put on your armor, (Eph. 6:13-18) and fight back!