The Gospel Effect

I was at the altar on Sunday when I looked down on the ground and a sparkle caught my eye.  I found myself gazing at many sparkling specs that were strung across the dirty carpet. They were very miniscule in size in relation to the large expanse of space in the sanctuary, yet they caught my eye.
It reminds me of how we can catch the eye of God in this unclean world He placed us in. We are not insignificant, we are not merely specks, we are His children. Just as the light reflected off the specks to create a beautiful sparkle, so we too must reflect God’s glorious light in hopes to bring His perfect beauty into this world. This is completed through the spreading of the gospel.

The gospel is defined as the “good news,” which is the fact that God has saved us sinful humans from an eternity away from Him by giving us a savior in Jesus, who has died for us in order to give us eternal life. The gospel is for everyone, however not everyone is ready for the gospel,causing different reactions and thus the “Gospel Effect.”  You can’t go with Jesus and stay where you are in your thoughts and actions. Following the teachings of the gospel and spreading the gospel demands action; it is not just an accumulation of knowledge.  The gospel is not to be seen as religious or moral superiority, behavior modification or merely bad people becoming good. Rather, the gospel is true repentance, the dead coming to life, and truly good news (not simply good advice).

We have all been bound by the shackles of our failures, but we must realize that we are set free and already redeemed. When we let Jesus come into our lives, our hearts undergo a transformation leading to the lifting of the veil that once clouded our worldly vision, causing us to see things clearly. This new vision can be difficult for others, and may scare those who are not ready for such a change in their lives. We fear what we don’t understand, we don’t like what we can’t control and we don’t like to be exposed. However, God will expose us in order to heal us, not to harm or condemn us.  

There will always be opposition to the spreading of the gospel because:

  • The gospel challenges the religious traditions.

  • The gospel confronts lifestyles contrary to God’s will.

  • The gospel demands action outside of our own comfort zones.

Today we see increasing moral relativism and legalism, spreading like a virus, in opposition to the teachings of the Bible. In an age of speaking up for tolerance, the world is becoming increasingly intolerant of the Christian worldview. This is evident from the removal of the Nativity scene from public places, and saying “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.” Even a “Christmas Tree” is referred to as a “Holiday Tree,” slowly purging Christian influence out of society.

So let us not conform to the world, but rather be transformed by the grace and love of God. Let us stand up, speak up and be unafraid and unashamed to spread the truth that is the Gospel.Let’s worship God daily, learn from the Bible and demonstrate the gospel tangibly, through our daily actions and interactions with everyone. For today might be that day when one more person may be ready and receptive to the gospel, and accept Jesus into their life.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.  Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” (Romans 12:2 NLT)