Crew Season

“My very first experience with crews began just 2 weeks after starting at New Life. Crew season was just beginning and I was very, very new to the New Life Church. When I was first told about crews, I remember thinking, “that’s not for me...I just took the leap to come to Church; that must be for the veterans.” I was scared of the intimacy that a small group would bring. I felt inadequate and as though I would be exposed as the “new guy” or the “rookie.” I prefered the anonymity that came with sitting in the back and flying under the radar. I was not going to budge on this…. until my wife decided that we should check it out. So we took a leap, and joined a crew. Of course I decided to grab the back seat against the furthest wall and thought, "I will silently observe from here."  And wouldn't you know, the leader of the crew sits right next to me! What are the chances? There I was feeling as though I was front and center, slowly edging my chair away and back further into the corner, little by little. In hindsight, I can’t say how thankful I am to have joined that crew! As the weeks progressed , I was able to go deeper into the Word and began to be comfortable praying out loud and with others. It’s now been a couple of years, and I can still say that I “do life” with a good number of my first crew family.

I can say through experience, that yes, crews are for me. Being in a crew was something that was once scary and intimidating. Now, I lead a crew and look forward to crews with every new season.The experience is something that has built lasting relationships, helped me grow deeper in my faith, and helped me to experience a deeper relationship with God.” -Richie

“I didn’t need any new friends. And I definitely did not need to open up or be vulnerable with a group of seemingly strangers. So why in the world was I sitting at home texting a crew leader to see if she had room for one more? Sometimes my voice shakes when I speak, groups of strangers tend to take up all of my energy, and I am a social sweater. But still, my fingers kept texting without the full consent of my conscience, and I walked into the first crew: nervous, a bit twitchy, and already starting to sweat in anticipation of being with a group of unknown women. Turns out, Jesus wanted to reveal some lies I had been hiding behind for years. He wanted to show me the beauty of vulnerability, and the power of community. He wanted to replace social anxiety with a confidence and ease that comes from Him alone; He wanted to challenge me to trust Him, and step more into who He originally created me to be.” -Jill

We are made for community; to stifle that integral part of us is to deny how God originally created us to do life-together!
We’re not meant to do this alone.
We’re not meant to fend for ourselves and fight battles alone.
We’re meant for life and community.
We’re meant to build together, tear through some dark nights with one another, laugh at the joys life brings together.
I don’t know what Jesus wants to do with you this crew season. And you won’t either until you step out and show up.

Don’t do life alone. It’s better that way.